Doctoral School

The Doctoral School of Earth Sciences of the University of Pécs has evolved from the PhD programme „Spatial and Environmental Problems of Social and Economic Activities” launched in 1994, and became an accredited doctoral programme in 2001. Those participating in this scientific work can follow the programme in two basic forms: as full-time university students or as correspondent students besides a full-time job.

The actual scientific work and education in the doctoral school ramifies into different branches or disciplines. The selected topics, the fields of training, as well as the theoretical and applied research work also relate to these disciplines and their leading professors.

  • Geology – Tamás Budai
  • Population and settlement geography – Zoltán Dövényi
  • Historical and political geography – Zoltán Dövényi
  • Meteorology, climate change – István Geresdi
  • Physical geography and land evaluation – Dénes Lóczy
  • Geomorphology – Ferenc Schweitzer
  • Regional and settlement development – István Szilágyi
  • Regional geography – István Szilágyi
  • Geography of tourism – András Trócsányi
  • Cultural geography – András Trócsányi

The Doctoral School of Earth Sciences was accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee on 22 January 2010.

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