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Aubert Antal dr. Aubert, Antal dr.
full professor
Department of Tourism

Office: A/528
Phone: 24617


Main research fields:
  • Gentilitial and ethnic researches (from geography of population and geography settlements and socio geographical aspects)

    Tourism geographical researches:
  • tourism supply and demand analysis on settlement and regional level,
  • tourism product development and planning,
  • institution system of tourism – destination management,
  • tourism clusters.

    Suggested research topics for students:
  • Researches on geography of population and settlement (in ethnic environment) (BSc)
  • The effects of tourism on the development of settlements (BSc)
  • Tourism products on settlement and territorial level (BSc)
  • The characteristics of tourism supply on settlement and territorial level (BSc)
  • Regional researches and analysis of tourism clusters (MSc)
  • Investigations on the environmental, social and economic effects of tourism (MSc)
  • Destination management, the cooperation between the competitive sphere and the non-profit sector (MSc)
  • The functioning of TDM organisations in Hungary (MSc or higher)
  • Investigations on the effects of tourism (elaboration of case studies) (MSc or higher)
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