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Dezső József dr. Dezső, József dr.
assistant professor
Department of Physical and Environmental Geography

Office: A/508
Phone: 24187


Main research fields:
  • Karst hydrology, water chemistry,
  • Interaction between surface-subsurface water bodies,
  • Environmental pollution and monitoring systems

    Courses offered in English language:
  • Soil and rock physics practice
  • Environmental audit and quality assurance
  • Environmental protection laboratory exercises
  • Hydrology and hydrogeology laboratory and field exercises

    Suggested research topics for students:
  • Data evaulation of karst water parameters (SW Hungary Villány Hills, Mecsek Mountains)
  • Time series analysis of karst water and groundwater fluctuations
  • Arsenic in water bodies (SW Hungary, Drava Basin)
  • Oxbow revitalisation and water management (SW Hungary, Drava Basin)
  • Water budget of floodplain soil horizons (data evaulation of two monitoring stations along the River Drava)

    PhD student(s):
  • 2014- Environmental pressures associated with current land use types SW Hungary (Gabriella Tóth)
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