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Dövényi Zoltán dr. Dövényi, Zoltán dr.
professor emeritus
Department of Human Geography and Urban Studies

Office: E/501
Phone: 24210, 24247


Main research fields:
  • Human geography of the Carpathian Basin, with special regard to historical changes, demographic processes, migrations, changes of the settlement network, structural and regional specialties of the labour market.

    Suggested research topics for students:
  • Human geographical research of settlements and landscapes/microregions (BSc)
  • Labour market studies (BSc)
  • Inner and international migration (BSc)
  • Social geographic studies on settlement and micro-regional level (MSc)
  • Urban geographic studies through national and foreign examples (MSc)
  • Research of backward/underprivileged areas (MSc)
  • Science history studies in national and foreign earth sciences (MSc or higher)
  • Research of special settlement types (for example „major” or „puszta”, cellar village, miners’ colony) (MSc or higher)
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