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Pirisi Gábor dr. Pirisi, Gábor dr.
associate professor
Department of Human Geography and Urban Studies

Office: C/410
Phone: 24624


Main research fields:
  • The structural changes of the Hungarian settlement-network and the specific role of the small towns
  • The urban problems of the conversion of former military objects
  • The post-modern transformation of the urban functional morphology and space management

    Selected research projects:
  • The role of cultural economy in the structural revival of Hungarian cities

    Courses offered in English language:
  • Introduction to the Geography of Hungary

    Suggested research topics for students:
  • Transport geographical examinations in micro regions and other areas (BSc)
  • The transformation of the space use of former industrial cities (BSc)
  • The questions of the usage of former military objects for civilian purposes (BSc)
  • The development and role of specific types of small towns (BSc)
  • The role of brownfield rehabilitation in urban development (MSc)
  • The success in small towns: its criterions and appearance in development strategies. (MSc)
  • On the edge of urbanity: morphological and functional factors of urbanization in some bigger villages and small towns. (MSc)
  • Image-towns and small town image in Hungary (MSc or higher)
  • The role of the human resources on the development of small towns (MSc or higher)
  • The transformation of small town morphology (MSc or higher)
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