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Sebe Krisztina dr. Sebe, Krisztina dr.
associate professor
Department of Geology and Meteorology

Office: A/525
Phone: 24483


Main research fields:
  • Tectonics
  • Sedimentology
  • Geomorphology

    Selected research projects:
  • From post-rift phase to basin inversion – late-stage tectonic evolution of a major intra-plate shear zone of the Pannonian Basin (OTKA PD project)
  • The effect of the wind on the late Neogene and Quaternary sedimentation and morphological evolution of the Hungarian Central Range and of its foreland (OTKA project)

    Suggested research topics for students:
  • Neogene fossils, sediments and structural geology in the Mecsek Mts.
  • GIS analysis of geological data
  • Geomorphological investigations in western Hungary
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