Undergraduate thesis proposals

Advisor Topic
Czigány, Szabolcs dr. Theoretical and experimental issues of desinging and constructing soil monoliths
Czigány, Szabolcs dr. Analytical techniques for precipitation measurement
Dezső, József dr.; Lóczy, Dénes dr. Terrain and sediment analysis for planning and designing water retention pools
Dezső, József dr., Lóczy, Dénes dr. Complex evaluation of cultivated lands of sandy and silty soils and their cropping systems
Fábián, Szabolcs Ákos dr. Pleistocene periglacial environment in Central Europe
Fábián, Szabolcs Ákos dr. Hydrogeomorphological exploration of local headwater streams in a low mountainous environment following field survey protocol
Pirkhoffer, Ervin dr. Tecto-morphological analyses in sandbox environments
Pirkhoffer, Ervin dr., Czigány, Szabolcs dr. Soil moisture dynamics, monitoring and interpolation
Ronczyk, Levente dr.; Czigány, Szabolcs dr. Hydrometeorological monitoring and runoff modeling in urbanized watersheds
Ronczyk, Levente dr.; Pirkhoffer, Ervin dr., Czigány, Szabolcs dr. Verification of ground soil moisture measurements with remote sensing
Varga, Gábor dr. Development of landslides and its landforming factor
Varga, Gábor dr. Geomorphology of pre-mountainous basins and hills
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