2018. szeptember 19., 8:59

Minden kedves érdeklődőt szeretettel meghívunk Łukasz Musiaka (University of Lodz, Lengyelország) vendégoktatónk alábbi két, szeptember 25-i (kedd) előadására.

Architectura militaris in Poland (from medieval strongholds to the XXth century fortified areas)
10.00-11.30 C/V/1 előadó
Due to its geopolitical location, complicated history and huge changeability of borders in history, Poland is considered a unique museum of military architecture under the open sky, presenting military objects from the early Middle Ages to the present times. The lecture will cover issues related to architectural elements from a historical perspective, divided into: stronghold periods, castles and fortified cities, classical fortresses, main fortresses and fortified areas. The spatial dispersion of military monuments, the state of the resource, its use and the problems of revalorization are also important. Interesting examples of adaptation of fortified buildings to various functions, including the tourist function, will be presented. Elements of cultural tourism based on the reconstruction and historical reconstruction movement in Poland and the most important historical reconstruction events will be outlined.

Historical regions of Poland:– past and present
12.00-13.30 C/2 előadó
The lecture starts with some theoretical issues, like what is the historical and political region and what determines its borders? The case of the evolution of Polish historical regions will also be presented - why they were created in such and no other shape, what do we know about the beginnings of Poland and the formation of the Polish state led by the dynasty of the first Piasts. How history influenced the shape, durability and contemporary shape of internal and external borders of the country. However, the greatest emphasis will be placed on the issues of geographical and cultural differentiation of particular regions of modern Poland and an attempt to answer the question of whether contemporary Poland can be described as a homogeneous or rather diverse country.

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