Szabolcs Ákos Fábián

Szabolcs Ákos FÁBIÁN, PhD
Associate Professor

Department of Physical and Environmental Geography

  • Office: E/530
  • Phone: 24616
  • E-mail: smafu [k] gamma [p] ttk [p] pte [p] hu

    Main research fields:
  • Problems of recent landscape evolution and its connection with geomorphic hazards.
  • Effects of climate changing to human mortality and morbidity.
  • Study of periglacial landforms in the Pannonian Basin.

    List of publications

    Suggested research topics for students:
  • Correlations between the land use/land cover changing and geomorphic features (BSc)
  • Development of periglacial landforms in the Pannonian Basin (MSc)
  • Detailed geomorphic mapping of a chosen location and practical aspects of evaluation of its recent formation (MSc)
  • Structure and dynamics of river channels in the Mecsek Mountains (MSc)
  • Study of surface movements on the high bluffs of Danube (MSc)
  • GIS based geomorphic mapping (MSc)